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What is Pelvic Floor PT and What to Expect?

Enjoy this free introduction to pelvic floor PT!

What you'll get:

  • Learn about what pelvic floor therapy is 
  • Learn about pelvic floor anatomy 
  • Learn what to expect in your first and follow up visits

What People Are Saying:

I’ve been struggling with overreactive bladder after childbirth during 5 years (passed various lab tests, computer scanning etc.) and was told by physician it’s normal till I met Christine Klein, Embrace Health and Rehab. That was a game changer! Right after the first session I saw results. She is not pushy, listens to you, sharing a lot of helpful tips, information and pelvic floor muscles exercises and just a pleasant person with bedside manners, loving jokes and fun. Time and money are worth it. I highly recommend Christine, she is a pro and quite experienced in pelvic floor therapy. It works, guys, and I’m back to my normal life thanks to Christine Klein!


Dr. Christine’s Pelvic Floor Therapy has helped me when no one else could in the last 9 years. I have been suffering and ashamed and hiding my female challenges. Dr. Christine has natural solutions for the challenges that result from childbirth. Her specialized care is really improving my quality of life. Thank you Dr. Christine!

A. H.

I’m amazed by the quick results I got from following Dr. Klein’s PT program. I’d been experiencing terrible intermittent pain which resolved within a few days of starting her suggested exercises and stretches. She’s really knowledgeable, and gave me the exact right plan to solve my problem.

J. P.

Christine was extremely helpful in teaching me how to deal with my overactive bladder. After my first session with Christine, I was able to do the recommended exercises at home and I experienced positive results very quickly. I am very grateful to have found such a terrific physical therapist.

M. S.

I would highly recommend Dr. Klein! She gave me tools, knowledge, and stretches to work out some issues I was dealing with. I haven’t had issues since! Dr. Klein is kind, knowledgable, and professional. If you’re looking for a pelvic floor specialist, give her a call!

S. H.

Christine gave me my active life back. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out why one needs a physical therapist that specializes in pelvic floor issues, so let’s not dwell on that. Let’s just say it impacts your everyday life. It especially impacted my active life. Running, hiking and all outdoor activities become special challenges. Working with Christine I was able to return to what I love doing. She is courteous and manages the sensitive topics very well. She will put you at ease. Moreover she has many exercises and adjustments to exercises that retrain your ability. I highly recommend her.

L. D.

I scheduled a re evaluation with Christine after being gone for 5 months over the summer. She followed up on all the suggestions we had discussed last spring, checked me internally, congratulated me on things that had improved and corrected things I was doing incorrectly. I feel I have a partner in my efforts at self care. She makes me feel in charge of my own body, not an old, helpless victim of an embarrassing fate. I would gladly recommend her to any friend going through the wonderful adventure of menopause!

L. N.

Meeting Christine was so comfortable, like meeting a friend. Totally in the dark about pelvic therapy, she enlightened me! Her soft voice and super skills enabled me to take charge of my own cystocele issues. She tailored my plan, taking into consideration my love for pickleball, and how to play more safely from the prolapse viewpoint. Incredible! After a few weeks, I'm already enjoying changes and, because my greatest concern was having to endure surgical repair, I feel I can avoid the down time and more surely the pain from recovery. Great doctor. Super nice office. If I start slipping or need to get more coaching...I'll revisit Dr. Christine.

K. D.

Christine is amazing! She is so easy to talk to and helps you work through your problem area in a comfortable setting. I highly recommend her and will be recommending her to my friends, family, and patients!

D. C.

Wonderful experience, Christine taught me so much about my pelvic floor. I have been sleeping through the night without using the restroom, I haven't had to take Azo since I have started doing the exercises and breathing taught by Christine and just being overall more aware of my pelvic floor and what causes of flare ups. Game changer!

E. S.

Dr Klein has been wonderful. I’ve experienced intense pain since I was 15 and was always brushed off by my OB’s as just standard period pain. I finally went to a Provider who recommended therapy with Dr Klein and it’s been a game changer. She’s helped so much and my quality of life has increased tremendously. I couldn’t recommend this more especially if you are experiencing pelvic floor pain.

N. B.

Christine is amazing! She’s made me feel confident again, guided and encouraged me with proper movements and turned an experience that can be embarrassing into insightful! Whether you’re pregnant, postpartum or neither, pelvic floor therapy helps with so many things!

J. J.

Dr. Klein knew exactly what was required to get me through the difficult recovery following my prostectomy. Her knowledge and understanding were exceptional! She was always easy to talk to, especially in light of the nature of post surgical challenges associated with this procedure, and I always felt comfortable seeking her recommendations. I would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking physical therapy.

J. C.

I am so incredibly impressed with Embrace Health and Rehab. Dr. Kline is a true professional, putting her patient at ease, explaining clearly, and working to resolve issues. I believed ‘weak bladder’ was a sign of aging to be endured or surgically remedied. Within a month of pelvic floor exercises and following well explained muscle control the issue is 99% gone. Truly amazing!!

S. S.

My hesitation to try pelvic floor therapy disappeared quickly after I met Dr. Christine. I was at ease as she explained the cause of my problem and as she demonstrated the exercises that would help strengthen my bladder. As we went through the program I always felt comfortable with her. Dr. Christine is very professional, knowledgeable and understanding. I can’t thank her enough for my peace of mind regarding my bladder control.

D. B.

I was recently referred to Christine by my urologist for help with my newly rebuilt pelvic floor and some related nerve damage I sustained over a year ago in some spine surgery. Before this, I had never heard of this branch of medicine for women like me who need help with not only incontinence, but other female "issues". What I found with Christine was an astounding amount of info and hands on therapy to help me, along with quite a bit of "homework" to keep me busy and along a path of resolving more than one health challenge! She even found that my hips were out of alignment and did a simply exercise to correct it! I was never uncomfortable with her, and was surprised at how thorough she was in getting all my info down and showing me how to get my system back to as close to normal as possible. I can't thank her enough, and know that if I ever need her skill-set again, she will be there for me. I would highly recommend her services to anyone with pelvic floor, bladder or female "issues" to see her and get help. She is fantastic!!!!!

A. I.

Dr. Christina Klein was recommended to me by my gynecologist and is very knowledgeable and experienced in pelvic floor problems. She has a way of making you feel at ease when discussing sensitive topics. She recommended several remedies for me on my first visit and they were all helpful. My chronic problem was quickly resolved and for that I am grateful. I highly recommend her. It is comforting to know that I can see her again if I ever need to.

C. M.

I cannot say enough about how Dr Christine has helped me with some aging bladder issues that I have experienced. What was an embarrassing and awkward subject to deal with became a minor medical issue that I was able to overcome with her help, expertise snd guidance. She is the most kind, compassionate and accepting therapist I have ever dealt with. I knew nothing about pelvic floor therapy and was a novice going into this with many questions. Dr Christine was patient and took the time to address all of them. She worked with me to make sure I was doing the exercises correctly so they would be the most effective. She made sure I was comfortable and at ease when she introduced a new addition to my therapy program. She took the time to explain why and how these exercises would help the medical issue I was experiencing. I am extremely grateful to her and recommend her to any woman needing pelvic floor therapy. She is outstanding!

M. C.

Christine has been one of the most helpful people on my healing journey. Her work has had more of a positive impact on my health than that of my three current doctors, combined. I absolutely cannot recommend her enough! My urinary symptoms are gone, and I have loads of exercises (plus lots of new knowledge!) to continue to promote my well-being after I finish seeing her. Plus, she’s just a very comfortable human to be around. If you are considering a session at Embrace Health and Rehab, go for it!!

P. C.