PCES COURSE (Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist) !

Registration opens May 9th and closes May 11th, 2023

Your early-bird discount savings of $250 will be automatically applied to the registration for you.

The discount link is good through Thursday, May 11th. (Please keep in mind that your $250 discount will be automatically applied to all of the payment options!) This is a very short enrollment opening, so please be sure and mark your calendar.

Space is limited! (We have a set amount of pre-ordered course books.)

This is a certification-level course! We start with reviewing the basics and getting up to speed on anatomy to be sure we’re all speaking the same language. Then, we deep dive into the topics of breathing, posture, pelvic floor, diastasis recti, pregnancy, postpartum and most importantly, how it all ties into the kinetic chain. This may be the most important course you take on exercise!

There is a lot of bonus material to choose from to enhance your learning as well. I know we all differ slightly in our professions and learning needs, so I tried to include a variety of bonus material. Topics include abdominal massage, birth prep, loads of expert interviews to bring different opinions to popular topics such as hypopressives, a Pilates equipment considerations video series to accompany our Pilates mat series, a Yoga series, and much, much more!

Note on Full Support: One important change to this summer cohort is we’re doing an add-on support with a very special offer. After you complete registration for the PCES course, you’ll see an after-registration add-on option for additional support. This includes things like Live Calls in our private Facebook group so you can get your questions answered face-to-face, and group support and camaraderie with others who are working through the course as well as additional experts. If that sounds interesting to you, check out that special support offer.

Do you have a question? Please read below, I’ve listed a few helpful questions and answers. 🤗

Questions about the PCES course.

When can I start the course after registration?

  • As soon as you complete registration, you’ll have immediate access to your course so you can get started that very minute if you like, or you can wait until a more convenient time for you.

Can you ship the PCES Workbook to my country?

  • Shipping is free anywhere in the world.
  • Shipping is from the US, so countries furthest from the US may take the longest.
  • The PCES course is completely standalone, so you can get started right away before your workbook arrives.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! There are several payment plan options, making the course as little as $75 USD per month with early registration. 

I’m pressed for time. Do I need to get started right away?

  • No, you can start whenever you like.
  • You’ll simply need to finish the course within one calendar year from your registration date for CEU purposes, but you’ll have access to the material forever. (You can get your certificate of completion 5 or 10 years down the road, but we can’t guarantee CE credit with other organizations due to the nature of the CE approval process. It’s them, not us.)

How long do I get to keep the course?

  • You’ll have lifetime access to the course, so you can refer back to the content at any time.

If the course isn’t a fit, can I get a refund?

Absolutely! We have a no-questions-asked refund policy for 30 days. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with the course. 

How is this course different from others on the market?

I haven’t taken most of the other courses (I tend to read primary research) so can’t speak personally to the similarities or differences, but I have heard reviews from grads who have taken multiple other courses. They say the PCES course is the most thorough and goes the deepest. They felt that after finishing other courses, they still needed to seek out more information, but after the PCES course, they felt they could keep going back to the course material to learn answers. 

What’s a quiz like, and how hard is it?

I hate tricky test questions! So, you’ll find the quizzes in this course are simple and straightforward. We also provide you with PDF copies of each section quiz at the start of the section. That way you can read over the questions as you’re going through the material, and there will be no surprises at the end. Taking a course should be all about applying the content and not stressing over a quiz!

Can I get continuing education credit for this course?

Most likely yes! Most certifying bodies are covered either directly or by petition/reciprocity. We have an extensive list of course approvals. 

Can I apply this information to post-menopausal women or men?

100% yes! There are only two sections that apply exclusively to pregnant and postpartum women, and the rest of the course looks at the human body. Men can have pelvic floor issues as well, and menopause is a time when women can notice significant pelvic floor changes. Men and kids also have diastasis recti. These issues are common! This course looks at the human body, and the concepts can be applied to any age or sex. There are also sections on posture and breathing along with a full section on SI joint pain and low back pain.